Milspouse Conversations™ was created in August 2019 by two military spouses who just so happened met online. Yeah, you read that right. Both of these ladies are entrepreneurs. They were looking to build a connection with other entrepreneurs in the Washington D.C. area.

After dinner and several coffee dates later, they formed a friendship.  

Yeah, military life and forming friendships sound a lot like dating

A year later, they became co-creators of Milspouse Conversations™. Their mission is to bring military spouses of all branches together to connect, grow, and have vulnerable conversations.  

Milspouse Conversations™ is for all milspouses regardless if you’re a new military spouse or a seasoned one. No matter what rank your spouse is and no matter your branch.

We all have something to say and learn from one another. We’re here to have those REAL conversations. Talk about those things that we all wonder about.

Christina and Sybil bring a combination of over 23 years of military spouse life experience to the table.