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With high school graduations just around the corner, parents are preparing to send their children to college. This is the perfect time to introduce an important but often overlooked topic: life insurance for your college-aged kid(s).

The Benefits of Early Life Insurance For Your College Student

Lock in Lower Rates
Getting life insurance at a young age means more affordable premiums and securing coverage before any potential health issues arise.

Ensure Future Insurability
Life changes quickly. Buying insurance now provides security regardless of your child’s career path or hobbies they adopt, some of which may be considered high-risk.

Start Financial Conversations Early
College is a launching pad for adult responsibilities. Discussing life insurance can be part of broader financial education, teaching them about planning and protecting their future.

Why Life Insurance For College is Crucial Now

Health and Lifestyle Changes
As young adults grow, their health can change, impacting their insurability and the cost of insurance.

Career Choices
Some careers have higher risks, which can affect insurance rates.

Risky Hobbies
Activities like rock climbing or skydiving are fun but can make getting life insurance complicated later on.

Where To Begin Looking For Life Insurance For College Students

Our sponsor, USAA, offers tailored life insurance solutions for military families, understanding our unique needs and challenges. They can help you navigate through the options to find the best coverage for your child as they step into college life.

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Quick Takeaway

Before your child heads off to college, consider a life insurance policy. It’s not just about coverage—it’s a practical part of teaching them about financial responsibility and planning for the future. Secure their insurability today to protect their tomorrow.

Adding life insurance to your college prep list is a wise step beyond just safety—it’s about ensuring a stable and secure financial future for your child.

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