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MilSpouse Conversations™ has a game show Name THEE Military Term or Acronym, where we will test the knowledge of our Conversation Starters and our audience during our LIVE episodes of THEE Tea. I will be adding new terms and acronyms weekly to help you stay on top of your military word game. 🤪🤗

Military Acronyms

MSCMilitary Sealift Command is an organization that controls the replenishment and military transport ships of the United States Navy. MSC employees are NOT active duty members of the military, but Military Sealift Command plays a critical role in support of our nation’s defense. More than 40% of the Military Sealift Command’s workforce is prior military.

OHAOverseas Housing Allowance is a cost-reimbursement allowance for service members who lease privately owned housing in overseas locations. OHA includes three separate components: rent, utilities/recurring maintenance and a Move-in Housing Allowance. OHA is paid in U.S. dollars but rent, utilities and move-in payments are typically paid in foreign currency.

Military Terms


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