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Life as a skinny girl is hard. Especially in the world today. I get many comments saying, “I wish I was that skinny. “I wish I didn’t gain weight like YOU after I eat. “I wish I had the same body as you.â€

It seems all nice, but to me, it’s not. All I can think of is the bad side of being skinny. “Eat more.†“You’re a walking stick.†“I can see your bones.†

Growing up, I loved being skinny. I dreamed of being a model. When I mentioned my dream to others, they would agree that I had the potential to become a model.

I would spend the majority of my day looking at videos of models going down the runway, their morning routines, etc. It was my top dream. I dreamed of moving to NYC to complete that dream.

All that came crashing down as I got older. I would always get body shamed, because of how underweight I was. I never could feel comfortable in my own skin.

I would look at other girls my age and wish I could have the same body as them. There were some days I despised my body. I hated being skinny. I would overfeed myself. Look up, “How to gain weight fast.†Nothing was working for me. 

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Later on in my life, I realized I should accept how my body is. I am perfect the way I am. I’m still young too. I shouldn’t be focusing on how my body looks.

I started to accept the fact I was skinny. I actually started gaining weight. I started to work out and eat healthier meals. Instead of me looking up, “Foods to make me gain weight.†I looked up ways to maintain health.

I stopped looking at how other girls my age looked. I focused on myself. That’s all that matters. I still do have the dream to become a model someday. I’m working towards that. 

Other young skinny girls and women too should start accepting their beautiful bodies. Stop trying to please others. Don’t let disrespectful comments get the best of you. You’re perfect the way you’re.

I hope more, and more people will start having confidence and be comfortable in their own skin. Your main priority is maintaining good health. No matter what size or shape, feel confident in your body. Embrace your beautiful body. 

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